NCC (BCA) 2022 proposed Energy Efficiency changes

Need your opinion?

All new & prospective home buyers/builders out there, are you aware of the proposed changes to the 2022 Building Code (NCC) regarding energy efficiency?

The industry (builders, architects, others) are having their say at the moment but I can’t see where the homeowners are being asked!

It is proposed to go from 6 stars to 7 stars, I am all for better buildings but not sure this is the best way!

Please consider;

  • Going from 6 to 7 stars will save your heat/cool costs $80 to $230 per year
  • Reduce your Greenhouse Gas Emissions around 300 to 900kg per year
  • Cost 2.5% to 12.6% ($16,000 to $87,000)
  • Help Australia towards its Zero Carbon goal
  • Help save the planet if we are truly in a Climate Code Red situation
  • Doesn’t take into account the greening of the electrical supply grid which is happening now
  • Doesn’t take into account the increased embodied energy for the additional materials & products to achieve 7 stars
  • Other ideas, a blower door test ($500) would improve the existing requirements as there would be an actual test at completion rather than a bit of paper ensuring people installed things correctly, not build leaky buildings
  • If you added 1kW of PV (solar panels) it would reduce you consumption by 1,400 kW per year and only cost $300-$500 (assuming you were ging to have a system installed already)
  • Or should we prioritise reduce consumption of kW/GGE over cost? (will take 150 to 380 years to recoup the building cost of 7 stars with a kW price of $0.24) please note houses last around 50 to 100 years before demolition.

Please let me know your opinion or thoughts!!!

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