7 Stars – The challenge is real

As we get ready for the stringency increase I thought I would share this weeks struggle…

Imagine a development site, multiple units, each Energy Rating has comfort plus glass & ceiling fans.

To those un-initiated with the dark arts of an Energy Rating, this most likely means a cooling problem!

During an inspection, I note that the windows requiring comfort plus are actually double glazed and there are no ceiling fans.

Ask the builder what is going on?

Response “We have air conditioning, why would we want ceiling fans” and “double glazing is better”, in the builder’s defence he thought he was doing a better job for the owners.

Do you think the general market is ready for the complexity of 7 stars?

Point of the post;

  • Comfort plus glass is mainly used to stop heat gain or cool a house down, there may be a small heating improvement due to the lower Uw but mainly to reduce cooling load.
  • Double glazing’s main job is to keep a house warm, doesn’t really stop the heat getting in but once in, keeps it in and slows down the heat loss, again due to the lower Uw.
  • Ceiling fans, reduce the cooling load without affecting the heating load, compared to say a roof vent which will generally reduce cooling load and increase the heating load.
  • Make sure you research your Builder & or Energy Rater, their skills and experience!
  • Your Energy Rater has done a lot of training and has a lot of knowledge on how the dwelling heats up and cools down, probably best to do what is specified rather than what you think. (in this case they genuinely thought they had done a better job).
  • Engage your Energy Rater earlier in the process to avoid expensive solutions to achieve 7 stars.
  • Builders & Designers, 7 stars is on paper, get a Blower Door Test – If You’re Not Keeping Score, You’re Just Practicing!

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