Passive Performance

We provide consultancy, advice, supply & install service for Passive House Construction & Air Barriers.

Do you need help with Passive House?

If you are a Designer who would like assistance with;

  • Ideas and concepts that will work
  • What details to provide
  • Planning the Air Barrier layer & or Blower Door Test
  • Call or email, We can chat about what you need and how we can help

If you are a Builder who needs help with;

  • Passive House Principles
  • How to look at the job and think “Passive House”
  • Installation details
  • Weather Resistant Barriers (WRB)
  • Internal Air Barriers (IAB)
  • We can help you. We talk thorough details & options prior to construction, plan your membrane layers, work with you to install and test before we leave site to ensure airtight buildings

It is very important to talk to us before you start construction to achieve your ACH goal without excessive costs and re-work (do it right and not have to do it twice).

We don’t just give you a detail and say good luck, we are hands on and work with you to get framing details right, with no added delays or complexity, so you can keep building.

Passive Performance, blends the art & science of airtight systems, We;

  • Detail & explain Californian corners and elements to reduce thermal bridging in the design
  • Remove the fear of the unknown Blower Door Test (BDT)!
  • Easily achieve the ACH required!
  • Make the unseen or unknown visible with technology (pressure, smoke and infra-red cameras)
  • Reduce your risk & or do your installation, if preferred. We ensure the building is as airtight as possible before we finish the job
  • Work with you. Builders you can keep building, while we do the WRB and IAB!
  • Test early & test often, once the windows are installed, we test and then re-test after plumbers & electricians
  • Fix any damage to the air barrier system!
  • Provide Blower Door testing (ATTMA accredited). Depending on the project goals, we can do your BDT or work with your preferred tester!
  • Use the latest methods, tapes, sheets & liquids such as Proclima Intello & Visconn and Intelligent Membranes Passive Purple!