Rangehoods, Exhaust fans & Passive House

Trying to workout how you will comply with NCC ventilation requirements & Passive House Airtightness target of ACH 0.6?

  • BCA Volume 1, F8D4 (2) Exhaust systems
  • BCA Volume 2, H4D7 Ventilation
  • Housing Provisions, 10.8.2 (2) Exhaust systems

We offer FOR SALE (in stock and ready to ship/deliver/pickup);

  • Naber THERMOBOX 150mm for rangehoods & exhaust fans
  • $200 including GST each (postage included for most locations in Australia)

To purchase please contact us!,

Use the email link above or call 0458-221-211.

These self sealing devices are blower door certified (necessary opening pressure > 65 Pa). The thermal retention system THERMOBOX consists of three pairs of flaps arranged in a defined distance with magnetic closure. With a U value of 2.2 W/(m²K).

THERMOBOX significantly sets itself apart from the alternatives on the market and achieves an insulation effect comparable to insulated glazed windows.

We can ship Australia wide and are located in Sydney for pickup or delivery/advice!

Thought or planning to avoid negative air pressure in the dwelling needs to be carried out, talk to us about the various options available.