7 stars – BCA 2022

October 2023 we will need to achieve 7 stars for new homes.

Designers, Architects & Builders work out how long it takes from initial client meeting to getting DA for your past projects and see when you need to adjust designs for 7 stars.

It is going to be drastic!

Doing what you want and thinking insulation and some window upgrades will get the pass won’t work any more.

7 stars will probably mean;

  • Living areas and importantly windows in living areas face north
  • Waffle pod slabs
  • R2.5 wall insulation
  • R6.0 ceiling insulation
  • Insulating joists over garages & Alfrescos
  • Low e glass, ceiling fans & shade devices for cooling
  • Double glazing for heating

Windows will be the problem and result in very high expense!

Check your glass to floor ratio (area of windows in elevation divided by the floor area) works for a room or the whole house, up to 30% won’t be to bad, higher than this and it will be very expensive to achieve 7 stars.

Good thermal design has;

  • 50% of the north facade as glass
  • 15% of east & west facades as glass
  • 10% of south facade as glass

If you are not close to the above numbers this is where to start improving the design to achieve 7 stars at a lower cost!

If you would like assistance or advice with meeting the 7 star requirement, please get in contact with us!

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