We provide the following services;

  • NatHERS Assessment | Thermal Performance Assessment | ABSA
  • BASIX Certificates
  • Section J Reports
  • Blower Door Testing | Air Leakage Testing | Thermal Imaging


Builders | Building Consultants | Energy Raters | Trainers

We specialise in making homes more comfortable, whether we are building them, advising on alterations, carrying out planning reports such as natHERS, BASIX or Section J or testing them post construction.

Main point of contact is Brad Hoad, who has 26 years of experience in building energy efficient homes that provide a level of comfort and lifestyle that you deserve.

If you think we can assist you on your project or have any questions please contact us on the email link or phone number below.

Some of our Customers


HIA Greensmart

The next Course for the HIA Greensmart Professional Course is in Newcastle 16-17th February 2017,  https://uat.hia.com.au/ProductsServices/GreenSmart/GSTraining.aspx Come along and see how to build a more comfortable home or make changes to reduce the running costs of energy and water bills.

Metal Roof

Questions about metal roofing and insulation? Remember the purpose of foil faced insulation blanket commonly known as “anticon” is to reduce and manage condensation, it has negligible effect on the homes energy rating, its main purpose is to keep the metal roof sheet warm, so it doesn’t cool down to the dew point temperature and cause condensation …